In 2020, the UAE ranked fourth in the Global Entrepreneurship Index. It provides an enriching business environment for innovative businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed. However, establishing a new venture or enterprise is a mammoth task. It can be financially taxing, especially in cities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and more. And finding the best commercial property for rent in the UAE is often considered one of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs. 

Let us guide you on how to find the perfect commercial property for your enterprise in the UAE. 


  1. Am I eligible to rent a commercial property?

To find out whether you’re eligible for a rented property, you need to start applying for properties available for rent with your valid trade license. If you’re in Dubai then Dubai Economic Department is concerned with setting up an onshore establishment of a business. Furthermore, you’ll also require permission from the local authorities. 

  1. Do I need a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is a must while navigating the market for commercial property. You need to consult with them regarding the humongous paperwork that is involved in the process. 

  1. Do I need to be aware of any property rights if I’m not an Emirati citizen?

One of the most interesting aspects of Emirati law is that a lease is considered a right for a person. Hence, the laws are quite different for non-Emiratis. If you want a long-term contract then you can only rent in certain designated areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

  1. Should I consider long-term or short-term leasing?

The decision to lease for a long term or short term often depends on the location you choose. For example, in Dubai, the long-term lease is for at least 10 years, whereas, in Abu Dhabi, the limit is 25 years. You can register leases under 10 years in Dubai under the Ejari system. However, in Abu Dhabi a renter or tenant of four or more years is considered usufructuary, meaning they cannot rent outside of the designated areas. 

The process of finding a commercial property for rent is complex and both mentally and physically taxing. That is why entrepreneurs and businesses are always advised to find a good realtor who can help with the technicalities. 

3 best commercial properties for rent in the UAE

  1. Al Mamoura Complex – Designed to cater to the international corporate tenants of Dubai. It is located close to Dubai Road and only 30 minutes from the Abu Dhabi international airport. 
  2. Baniyas Towers – The biggest benefit of this property is the easy reach of the ministries and government institutions. The central location makes the Baniyas Towers one of the most sought-after commercial properties in Abu Dhabi. 
  3. International Tower – Designed by globally recognised architect Woods Bagot, International Tower offers 39,000 sqm of space. The location of this corporate building is bang in the heart of the capital centre. And if you’re a business looking for environment-friendly and sustainable establishments, then this is the best option for you. It has been given the LEED Gold certification for its sustainable design.

Now you know the complex process of finding commercial properties and some of the best ones Dubai and Abu Dhabi has to offer. Are you ready to take the leap of faith and start your journey of finding the perfect commercial property for rent, for you?

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